How to Choose the Best LED Bulbs and Lamps

Best-LED-Bulbs-and-LampsBecause of their energy efficiency and long life, LED bulbs are steadily replacing traditional light bulbs. When looking for the best LED bulb, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Dimming capability.
  • Compatibility with lamps or fixtures.
  • Lumens (brightness.)
  • Weight.


The best LED bulbs have the capability to dim and are compatible with various types of dimmers. A non-dimmable bulb might easily fit in a dimmer switch, but it’ll likely produce a continuous noisy hum or buzz that’s certainly not pleasant to the ear.

Compatibility With Lamps or Fixtures

If the bulb doesn’t screw properly into the lamp or fixture, it’s of no value. The standard base is A19, and you’ll generally have luck if the bulb is compatible with that base size.

Lumens (Brightness)light-LED

The consumer will want to choose the best LED bulb for the purpose. If the bulb is for the kitchen, for example, they’ll want a brighter light in the cooking area and a dimmable light over the table. In the bedroom, however, they’ll find a softer light will create a more relaxed atmosphere.


Avoid heavy bulbs. Some cheaply-designed bulbs contain heavy metal chunks, which indicates that the entire bulb might be inferior in construction.


Since their introduction on the market, LED bulbs have been costlier up-front than traditional incandescent or even fluorescent bulbs. The consumer eventually does realize savings in the long run, however. As with any bulb, the best LED bulbs shouldn’t be too expensive for the average consumer, or no one would buy them. A good LED bulb shouldn’t cost more than $10.

LED Desk Lamps

With the growing popularity of home offices, there’s also an increasing demand for quality LED desk lamps. Because LED desk lamps are economically efficient in the long run, they’re naturally the choice for the home business. A business owner who’s looking for the best LED desk lamp will choose one that’s of the highest quality for the lowest possible price. The ideal lamp offers full-spectrum lighting and a long life. The construction of the lamp is also important, and the best LED desk lamp for the home office will feature a flexible neck.

LED Headlamps

For the consumer looking for the best LED headlamp, one of the most important factors to consider is the purpose. Will they use it for hiking, camping or conducting nighttime searches? Different tasks require different beam types. For example, a flood or wide beam illuminates only a short distance and is practical for reading and other close work. A spot, narrow or focused beam illuminates farther and is better for walking in the dark.

Weight is also an important consideration because most people don’t want a lot of weight around their head. A heavy, high-powered model might not necessarily be the best LED headlamp for general purposes.