What are the Different Types of LED Bulbs Used on Industrial and Commercial Applications?

Light-emitting diode, or LED, is quickly becoming the illumination choice for many commercial and industrial applications. The reason for this is that the lighting source is less expensive, safer and more energy efficient than other lighting options. According to statistics, companies that have already embraced LED lighting use almost 50 percent less energy than they did when they had conventional lighting. So, what are the different types of LED bulbs used by those in the industrial and commercial sectors? They range from canned bulbs to those used in track lighting.

In general, LED lights are superior to traditional lights in regard to lifespan and energy efficiency. Specifically, different types of LED lights are also better than traditional lighting.

Recessed or Canned Lighting

When it comes to commercial lighting, a good amount of it features recessed or canned lights. This type of illumination is popular because it releases very little heat. Recessed or canned lighting also delivers high intensity focused light to the interior places where industrial or commercial sites need it the most. Lighting installers can include dimmer switches with this kind of lighting. This allows a site to customize its illumination based on its needs.

LED Retrofit Bulbs

LED retrofit bulbs have been around for a few years. As a replacement for GLS bulbs, which are the classic ones, you can use them in existing light fixtures. Not only are retrofit bulbs a seamless replacement, but they also come with technological advancements. For instance, you can buy color changing models as well as bulbs that feature a remote control.

High Bay LED Lights

When it comes to industrial and commercial LED lights, high bay styles are in demand. These models come with a much longer operating life than conventional incandescent and fluorescent lights. Estimates show that LED high bay lights can last as much as 10 times longer than basic compact fluorescent bulbs. They also use less power and produce less heat than other types of bulbs.

Low Bay Industrial LED Lights

Low bay industrial lights are taking the place of high-pressure sodium vapor ones. This lighting option is good for exterior spaces such as parking lots, street lighting and green space areas. Manufacturers have discovered that if they make the lights with a high-quality aluminum die-cast enclosure, then the light dissipates less heat.

LED Tubelights

If your commercial or industrial space still uses fluorescent lighting for illumination, you can replace it with T5 or T8 LED tubelights. By going with the LED version, you’ll have a replacement that is energy efficient. Today’s LED lighting also provides a pleasant glow. You can get this kind of lighting with a special diffuser in which the source of the light is invisible. Manufacturers have also developed a high-powered dimmable version that only uses 4 watts. In fact, it produces the same amount of light output as a standard 50W lightbulb. Many of the market’s LED lights are:

  • Anti-glare
  • Able to emit a higher light output than other kinds of illumination
  • Popular due to less heat dissipation

LED Track Lighting

Industrial and commercial sites frequently take advantage of track lighting because of its customizable aspects. Track lighting is a series of lights that are connected to metal tracks. It is often used to highlight a piece of art or a decorative element. LED track lighting is also flexible since you can use the set up with different types of lights. For instance, spotlights, pendants and floodlights can all be positioned on the metal tracks.

LED Technology is Better for the Bottom Line and the Environment

LED technology generates some of today’s longest lasting energy efficient illumination, making it ideal for industrial and commercial applications. LED lighting is available in many different forms and types, so it is likely that you will find a fit for your company’s needs.

Types of LED Bulbs
Types of LED Bulbs

Types of LED Bulbs and Why They’re Superior

There are many different types of LED lights, and each type has its benefits over comparable traditional lights. Some types of LED bulbs include:

1. Battery powered LED lights.
2. LED light bars.
3. LED rope or string lights.
4. Solar LED lights.

In general, LED lights are superior to traditional lights in regard to lifespan and energy efficiency. Specifically, different types of LED lights are also better than traditional lighting.

Battery Powered LED Lights

Battery-operated LED lights are great for illuminating everything from outdoor lawn décor to special events to airport runways.

Traditionally, flood lights were high-pressure sodium, or HPS, lights that contained toxic amounts of mercury. Now, anyone who puts on an event can use modern LED lighting that’s equally as powerful as traditional flood lights and much safer for the environment.

LED lights that operate on battery power are noted for their convenience. There’s little need to set up cables, which also decreases the risk of tripping-related accidents. Another convenience is that you can remotely control them. You can control several lighting designs and add wonders to the entertainment experience your audience enjoys.

Another valuable advantage of LEDs is their long life, which greatly lessens the possibility that they could burn out in the middle of a performance or other event.

LED Light Bars

At first, LED light bars were a trademark diesel truck option that aided in night visibility. Due much to its contributing to safety on the road, the LED light bar is now increasing in popularity with pickup truck and other vehicle owners.

Drivers especially appreciate LED light bars because LEDs don’t contain filaments as do traditional light bulbs, so they’re longer lasting and there’s less probability of malfunction. In addition, LED bars are very durable and generally more waterproof and dust proof than ordinary lights.

When purchasing LED light bars, vehicle owners can choose between two different types of beams. Spot beams light for a greater distance. Flood beams light wider areas. Some LED bars also feature 3D reflectors, which provide an even brighter light.

Another common use of the LED light bar is on police vehicles. Because they’re so long lasting, LED police light bars are far less likely to malfunction while the officers are on duty. If one bulb does go out, however, the entire bar will still remain bright enough to function properly. LED police light bars are also durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially cold. Despite their durability, LED bars are light in weight, which helps to improve in acceleration and fuel economy. The light weight is also advantageous when ordering replacement parts, as shipping costs are relatively low. LED police light bars are available in a large variety of flash patterns. This comes in handy in various situations, whether it be pursuing a speeding car or leading a parade.

LED light bars are now replacing traditional lighting in offices, indoor and outdoor signage and public areas, as well. LED lights are much more powerful than traditional lighting and provide better illumination for a longer period of time.

LED Rope or String Lights

LED rope, or string, lights are interconnected bulbs that are usually available in bulk lengths that can be cut to the consumer’s specifications. Rope light is popular for restaurants and other businesses and in home holiday lighting.

Because an LED rope light can be cut to the desired length, it’s much easier to work with than a traditional incandescent rope light, which can’t be cut and requires exact measuring.

An inner chip allows consumers to program the LED rope light to emit a variety of colors, which adds to the attractiveness of the display.

In addition, because LED string lights are enclosed in plastic tubing and more durable than incandescent lights, they don’t chip or gradually lose color. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor lighting. Finally, one of the primary benefits of LED string lights is their energy efficiency, which is a big plus when using them for holiday decorating.

Solar LED Lights

Solar-powered LED lighting is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly methods of outdoor lighting. The solar capability allows the lights to charge during the daytime and illuminate at night without consuming additional energy. LED lights require much less power and are perfect when combined with a source of solar energy, such as a solar panel. This is especially advantageous in a rural or remote area.

Some uses of solar-powered lighting include:

1. Accent lights. The lights are positioned at a low level and run for long periods
of time.
2. Path lights. The lights are either staked or hung and focus down.
3. Spotlights. These are the brightest of all solar lights and are adjustable to
focus a beam in any direction.
4. String or rope lights. The lights are strung on a cable.

Choosing an LED Supplier

When choosing a wholesaler for your LED lights, you want to find one that supplies the highest-quality product for the lowest price. You also want to consider the desired brightness for the lights. This is measured in lumens. Other factors to think about include bulb color and shape, which depend to a great extent on where you want to place the lights.