Benefits of Installing a Dimmable LED Bulb

The introduction of dimmable LED bulbs in residential and commercial lighting systems has transformed modernized lighting solutions dramatically. These bulbs are also called white bulbs because of the white lights that they produce. However, the LED bulbs can be designed to produce other types of colors. Here are the benefits of using the LED bulbs as compared to ordinary bulbs:

Energy efficiency

LED dimmable lighting solution can help a homeowner cut down on energy consumption of up to 80%. That is the amount of electrical energy that is transformed into light energy. Only about 20% of the electrical proportion is lost as heat energy. The reverse holds true for ordinary bulbs.


Cost Effectiveness

Although the LED dimmable bulbs cost more than ordinary bulbs on the initial purchase or installation price, they are very cost effective in the long run. Lighting is a basic need in homes and business premises. Therefore, investing your money in buying LED bulbs can be a very profitable investment worth trying out. Moreover, homeowners who have installed these energy efficient lighting solutions on their properties stand a chance of getting higher listings in the real estate markets.



The dimmable LED bulbs can run for up to 100,000 hours as compared to the ordinary bulbs that can only do a maximum of 5,000 hours. They have a higher resistance to thermal shocks and unnecessary vibrations. That means that the LED dimmer can last longer.





The regular installations or replacements of ordinary bulbs can be quite labor intensive and costly in the long run. Installation of LED dimmers will give you years of break from the responsibility of installing new bulbs every now and then. The LED bulbs will keep down the maintenance costs that come with replacing of the several bulbs found in the office or commercial buildings.


Comfortable lighting

The dimmable LED lighting is kinder to the eyes than the reflective glares of ordinary lighting that can cause visibility problems. The dimmer doesn’t flicker or change color when dimmed as is the case with ordinary lighting systems. It doesn’t cause eye strain to the occupants of a room and thus making it a comfortable lighting solution.

Enhanced Safety

The LED dimmer bulbs are cool to the touch, unlike the ordinary bulbs that heat up a lot. The cost of running security lights that heat up for long hours can be quite high. Therefore, as a homeowner or small business entrepreneur, you can enhance the security of your valuable assets throughout by investing in dimmable LED lights that don’t heat up unnecessarily. You can leave your security lights turned on for several hours on a daily basis without incurring huge utility bills. The costs and stress of hiring trustworthy security guards to keep an eye on your property are higher than investing in energy-efficient security LED lighting.