Forms and Features of LEDs

Forms and Features of LEDsAdvancements in technology have compelled most homeowners, managers of commercial buildings, and vehicle owners to invest in the more efficient and cost effective lighting solutions for their various lighting applications. The several benefits of LEDs have made these lighting options viable alternatives that can produce the same amount of light as traditional lighting solutions, but at lower energy consumption rate because they don’t heat up so quickly. Here are some of the common forms and features of LEDs used in most homes, businesses, and even on vehicles to produce improved illumination:

Dimmable LEDDimmable LED

Dimmable LEDs are lights that have the dimmable capabilities and performance. Dimming LEDs are bulbs that enhance worker productivity, improve the diners experience in the hospitality industry, and save energy in the process when the user combines the right control and LED sources. Understanding the unique properties of dimmable LEDs is the secret to realizing the optimal performance of the bulbs. What is the rationale behind the lights that dim to project requirements and yield satisfied consumers? Dimming LEDs enables your lighting solutions to run cooler, and thus extending life and saving more energy. In fact, that is why the life of the dimmable modules is almost triple that of conventional incandescent. The dimmable capability also enhances the ambiance of the space that you’re lighting into various moods.

Dimmable lights are energy efficient long lasting fixture options that are used almost for any application. It’s vital to note that if the compatibility of the drivers, lamps, and controls of these LEDs are not specified properly, then performance will not be optimal. Hence, when choosing the right LED lights, it’s prudent to consider factors such as dimming performance, type of intended application, and the control preferences.

The LED bulbs enable buildings, especially those in commercial areas to meet updated building and energy codes by reducing energy consumption and cost. So, whether you’re choosing a single switch or a dimmer or other centralized lighting controls, you can still get the maximum flexibility of LEDs.

LED Desk lampLED-Disck-lamp

LED desk lamps are lighting options with Edison-base sockets that are perfect for replacing screw-in CFL lights or incandescent bulbs. The base sockets have drivers that determine whether the lamps have dimming capabilities and performance or not. Some of the LED fixture manufacturers offer different options of drivers that control different technologies on the same control, such as dimmable vs. non-dimmable. Therefore, it’s important to confirm with the driver or fixture manufacturer to be sure that you’re getting the right product.

For example, a LED lamp of 25W can perfectly replace the performance of an incandescent lamp of 100W and deliver up to 50,000 hours, which is higher than the 10,000 to 20,000 hours average for fluorescent lamps or the approximate of 3,000 hours for halogen lamps. The color rendering of the LED lamp is also very good. LED lamps don’t contain mercury and have the capacity to emit infrared.

To be sure about compatibility, you can engage the specifiers through mock-up installations and usage of tutorials or manuals so as to be sure that you’re getting it right the first time. You can only enjoy the full potential of LEDs if you get the compatibility of features such as lamp, drivers, and controls right.

LED Candelabra BulbsLED-Chandelier

If you’re tired of climbing a ladder to replace your chandelier lights all the time, consider investing in LED candelabra bulbs that last longer without requiring replacement. Moreover, these bulbs produce a brighter light than the traditional lighting options that you’re currently using. For example, the Philips 60W Equivalent Dimmable B12 Decorative Candle LED is capable of producing 500 lumens at full brightness, and illuminates your living space with soft cozy light and dim down to a warm light that is similar to a dimmable incandescent bulb. The bulb is designed for chandelier accent light and has a lifespan of over 25 years. With a capability of dimming from 2700k to 2200k, the LED candelabra bulb is suitable for lighting spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, foyers, and dining rooms.

LED CandleLED-Candle

The output of light from the LED candles is similar to the real candle and thus giving your space a beautiful fire glow. These LED candles are controlled by a remote, and you can control several candles with one remote from the comfort of your couch. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the height of chandeliers in tall buildings. With a single battery charge, you can run your 12″ and 4″ pillar LED candle for up to 50 hours. The candles don’t become dull when batteries start losing charge. The 24-hour timer setting on the candle can also be used to program the candle to come on or switch off at different intervals of the day.

LED flashlightLED-Flashlight

These flashlights are best for lighting up occasions such as Thanksgiving, birthdays, holidays or/and be used as gifts for loved ones. The flashlights have a beam pattern of an XM-L LED and their life expectancy is approximately 50,000 hours.

The beam of light it produces is smooth with a bright ample spill from the center-spot. The newer versions can produce much light that their older counterparts. Most of the available modern-day modules offer low, medium, and high lighting modes. If you’re looking for a quicker burst of light, you can settle for the LED flashlights that offer a Turbo mode. All these modes are measured in lumens. With an average of about 800 lumens, your Turbo mode flashlight may start with a moonlight level with one lumen and advance slowly. The strobe, beacon and SOS modes are reliable options for using for self-defense and for emergency situations. These are the lights that some people refer to as ‘disco lights.’

LED Fog lightsLED-fog-lights

For motorcycle riders and people who often find themselves driving in dark alleys at night, the best option of LEDs to use is LED fog lights. These lights can transform your driving experience entirely and make you more confident in using your automobile at night. The way you choose to install your fog lights will determine the amount of light you get when driving or riding your bike during bad weather. Riding or driving in thick or heavy fog poses a significant risk. But with these lights you can do it safely without endangering your life. The fog lights eliminate the reflections on water from standard headlights so as to enhance vision.