Which LED Candelabra Bulbs Are The Best Fit For Your Chandelier

LED Candelabra bulbs are some of the most innovative LED’s upgrades in the recent past. If climbing the ladder to replace burnt-out bulbs on your living room chandelier often gives you nightmares, then you should buy LED’s that can last up to 25 years or more without requiring replacements. Here is a quick run through on some of the available candelabra LED bulbs and ideas that you should consider when looking for the perfect LED’s.

Form factorcandelabra-LED

Candelabra LED bulbs are pointy bulbs that have screw-in bases. The 40W equivalent candelabra LED is a torpedo-shaped bulb that produces plenty of brightness and great efficiency. It’s perfect for use in the living room chandelier. Another great option that is even cheaper in most renowned stores is the decent LED candelabra bulbs 60W unit. If you’re lucky to get a candelabra LED bulb at around 427 lumens and power draw of 5 watts, you can be guaranteed of great efficiency and superior brightness. Regardless of whether you choose the A-shaped or the 40W equivalent, you ought to evaluate the dimmable capabilities of the bulbs to know whether they’re worth your money. Non-dimmable candelabra LED’s don’t require dimmable switches for optimal performance.


Flame –shaped

LED candelabra bulbs 60W don’t flicker when dimming and have a definite upgrade over halogens, fluorescent, and incandescent. The Utilitech’s candelabra bulb has good color quality and doesn’t have egregious weak spots.


The flame shaped Utilitech Pro 40W Equivalent Candelabra LED is a bit similar to the Sylvania LED, which has even better performance in terms of dimming capabilities, brightness, and efficiency. The Sylvania LED has a king-size heat sink at the bottom of the bulb that enables it to last for longer hours without switching off.

The flame-shaped candelabra bulb has a plastic covering in its bottom half that makes the aesthetic bland. If you’re looking for something that will give you a more incandescent aesthetic that you’re used to, then you should consider the filament LEDs from Feit and EcoSmart that have a Vintage design.

Degree of hotness


Just like any other electronics, the performance of candelabra LED bulbs is affected when they heat up. That is why all LED candelabra bulbs have a bulky heat sink at their bases. Immediately you switch on the lights, the brightness of the bulb will begin to fall as the heat builds up. Then, when the heat sink kicks in, the bulb will hit an equilibrium state known as the steady state. Candelabra bulbs that can manage to hit higher, steadier states are said to be good performers in terms of handling the heat. These are the best options for enclosed environments where heat always gets trapped.