What Should You Look for When Buying LED Candles?

LED candles, are often called “flame less candles,” and for good reason – while many of us enjoy the ambient light of a candle, the danger posed by an open flame can put a damper on things. LED candle lights tend to be safer than their flaming counterparts, and they may last longer, since they don’t actually burn. However, there are several important things to consider when buying. These things include power source, type of light, and candle shape.


What Power Source is Best?

One decision that can help streamline your decision when shopping for your LED candle is what power source you want. These candles generally come in two forms of power sources: plug-in and battery powered. One benefit of the plug-in candles is the fact that you don’t need to purchase replacement batteries. However, plug-in LED candles may be inconvenient, depending on the placement of outlets in your home. Having to stretch a cord across the floor may disrupt your room’s ambience, and those hoping to mimic the look of real candles may prefer a battery-powered LED candle. And while battery-powered candles look more like the real thing, replacing batteries may add up in terms of cost.

Do You Prefer Flickering or Non-Flickering? How Bright Should Your Candle Be?

This difference isn’t always reflected in the cost of the candle, but it is a useful consideration. Some LED candles will flicker, which can make them look more like traditional candles. Some project a steady light. If brightness is a general concern, looking at how many lumens a candle produces can give you a feel for how bright it will be. For example, a five-watt LED light is about as bright as a 40 watt incandescent bulb, and a 7-watt LED is roughly as bright as a 60 watt incandescent bulb.


What Candle Shape is Best?

Just like with traditional candles, LED candle lights come in a variety of shapes. Picking the shape you want can help make your search significantly smoother and easier. For instance, votive candles, while named because they are used in religious ceremonies, are commonly used to set a mood or create ambient light. Alternatively, you might prefer taller, tapered candles, which often fit well in candle holders. Some buyers prefer floating candles, which can be included as part of a water display. These candles are some of the more common shapes, but you also will likely find unusual or special candle shapes as well. These include those made special for holidays, candles, shaped like animals, and other varieties.

In short, buying an LED candle is somewhat similar to buying a traditional candle. Unlike traditional candles, though, with an LED light you will need to select the right brightness and decide whether you prefer a flickering or non-flickering light. When you select these candles, you won’t need to worry about the dangers of your home catching alight, and you also don’t need to worry about candles melting all the way down.