A Guide to Purchasing the Right LED Flood Lights

Flood lights are made to illuminate wider areas like lawns, backyards, or any other large open spaces. As a result, power consumption’s  tend to be high, and this is the reason it’s vital to ensure that you get bulbs that don’t consume a lot of power. This is where an LED flood light comes in.

Although LED flood lights are mostly used to illuminate the passages and pathways in an area, they add an element of beauty and sophistication. The LED technology is superior in many ways, particularly when it comes to offering quality lighting and saving on electricity expenses.

LED flood lights

Before you can think of installing or buying LED flood bulbs, you should identify a reliable and reputable flood light manufacturer/dealer you will purchase the products from. This helps in ensuring that you buy only legitimate products. You also get to confirm if the power source fits the dimensions of the bulb you want. For optimum results, it is always advisable to get to know the size of the place you want to illuminate. Bulbs typically come with different Lumens, so be sure to confirm if you are accustomed to the information.

To make sure you get the right flood light depending on your needs, we have highlighted several factors you must consider to choose the LED flood light that is ideal for you.


When getting new LED flood light bulbs, it is always important to shop by Lumens instead of watts. This helps you choose an energy efficient bulb, hence saving on electricity bills. Wattage measures the energy you’ll need to light the bulb, while Lumens measure the light produced. It’s advisable to buy a product based on the light they give.

LED flood light bulbs


Wattage measures the energy a bulb consumes and not the light it puts out. Energy saving bulbs use fewer watts and still manage to give the same kind of brightness (lumens). LEDs have low wattages when compared with Lumens, meaning they will not only lower energy usage but also reduce electricity bills.

Color Temperature

This is the color appearance of light that comes from the source. It’s important to assess this feature when you evaluate the LED bulb to purchase since the color temperature will create the mood of your space. This can have a great impact on your work performance or overall behavior. The light source apparent color is measured in Kelvin. So, the higher the bulb’s Kelvin temperature is, the whiter the light.

DLC Listed

When a fixture is Design Light Consortium (DLC) listed, it sometimes qualifies for energy rebates by the utility, and this can significantly reduce the ownership cost.

These essential factors will help you to choose the most suitable LED flood lights that will suit your requirements. Consider them before purchasing your LED flood light bulbs today!