Upgrading to LED Headlights

LED headlight bulbsMotor vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and car owners alike have already realized that more vehicles are expected to support LED headlights soon and are trending away from less efficient bulbs. Although a majority of automotive companies uses LED bulbs, very few individuals understand how bulbs evolved from simple acetylene lamps to LED. Furthermore, the auto industry is quite lucrative, and buyers are always working on how to find a breakthrough that would help them identify the best wholesale suppliers for LED headlight bulbs.

On paper, LEDs are superior to other options and also provide the perfect solution for mass produced vehicles. Below are a few benefits of LEDs that changed the world’s perspective on other types of bulbs and headlights and veered the automotive industry towards LED headlight conversion.

Extreme Durability

LEDs have been proven to last longer than HID and halogen alternatives due to their solid-state construction. In simple terms, LEDs are not dependent on multiple moving parts such as breakable bulbs, sensitive diodes and fragile filaments to produce light. A LED headlight is a single unit that converts electricity into light. With LEDs buyer can expect to save their money and time while enjoying decades of quality service.

Unmatched Visibility

LED headlight conversion

LED headlight conversion allows the user to enjoy improved quality lighting. Unlike halogen and HID headlights, LEDs produce a clean and bright white light that not only increases the range of the light cast but also provides a much more brilliant light. Improved visibility means that drivers have more than enough time to react to changing road conditions. LED bulbs satisfy all on-road regulations, provide a beam pattern that illuminates light exactly where the driver needs it most and also eliminate glare from oncoming traffic.

Improved Safety and Efficiency

Whenever a car owner is thinking about LED headlight conversion, safety is always a significant factor. It is evident that LEDs provide safer road conditions for poor visibility and night conditions. Since LEDs are much brighter and clearer than their counterparts, they illuminate a larger portion of the road and its periphery which in turn helps improve driving conditions making driving safer. The more visible the path is, the more time a driver has to make vital and potentially life-saving choices in the event of unanticipated developments on the road. LEDs are efficient such that they use less energy and produce more light hence less fuel consumption.

Choosing a Wholesale LED Headlights SupplierLED Headlights

Choosing LED lights wholesale suppliers can be tough especially when all providers are sending emails and uploading adverts that they are unique and the best in the market. Fortunately, below is a list of factors that can help buyers choose the best supplier.


More often than not, there are common faults with exclusive suppliers, and it’s advisable to check out these mistakes for reliability purposes. How fast do they deliver? Do their offer faulty products? How is their customer service? A reliable company will always be available and ready to handle any queries if there are any.

Quality and Experience

The most suitable supplier will always be able to deliver top-notch headlights. A wholesale supplier that has been in the business since the emergence of LEDs is likely to provide quality products and services. The best LED headlight supplier should have an excellent reputation, top-notch service delivery and few or even zero quality problems from previous sales.

Top LED Headlights 2017

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• JDM Astar G1 LED Bulbs

• Alla Lighting CXP LED Bulbs

• Starnill LED Conversion Kit

LED headlight bulbs have gone mainstream for various reasons such as helping redefine brands, luxury and safety. However, despite their prevalence today, it is imperative to always make an informed decision.