Selecting LED Light Bar or Pod Mounting Location

Outdoor enthusiasts who love off-road driving as a pastime prefer to use LED light bars to illuminate their roads and make the experience even more exciting. Driving at night in the back road trail has its set of challenges and thrills. You can only enjoy driving in such conditions when you have sufficient lighting. Selecting the best LED light bar for your vehicle and the right mounting locations that will give you the best results can be quite challenging, especially for beginners.

The Front Bumper

This is the most strategic location to mount your lights. There are several advantages of mounting a LED light bar on the front bumper. The front bumper is likely to have already drilled holes. It’s also easier to drill holes at this location and do the wiring when mounting the LED lights. The location can also accommodate any size and shape of the LED light bar, and still look great. Although the LED lights will be competing with the stock headlights, it’s a strategic way of enhancing your vehicle’s lights.


Lower Windshield Pillar Mount

This is a location suitable for LED light pods. The bottom corner of each of your car’s windshield can be fitted with LED pods. The advantage of this location is getting light from different angles for optimal illumination. However, you should seek some professional help in fitting the pillar mounts and doing the wiring.

Above the Windshield

The location can accommodate any size and shape of the best LED light bars. It offers the largest lighting angle difference between the LED lights and the stock headlights. Moreover, since it’s most noticeable when mounted above the windshield, the light bars will give the truck the best look of any mounting location. This is the best position if you intend to catch attention by making your vehicle look appealing. However, in order to mount it properly, you may require some extra drilling and complex wiring.


Combination Mounting

You can also combine the mounting locations depending on your personal preferences and objectives. You can purchase multiple LED pods and mount them on various locations to get more lighting angles that will maximize your illumination. Getting light from different angles to enhance the light from the stock headlights will give your vehicle an extraordinarily appealing look.

Most people get concerned about the right beam pattern suitable for their vehicles LED light mounts. A spot beam has a spread of only 8 degrees; a flood beam offers a wide 90 degrees spread while a combo gives you a versatile combination of the two. From the three options of beam patterns, you should choose what suits your style and budget.

Mounting the best LED light bar on your truck or car can be a confusing process. But with the right information and type of LED bars, you can achieve the desired results.