Taking a Shower Under the Rainbow

LED shower headMost homeowners are familiar with LED lights, especially since they have become so popular. Using these bulbs instead of the incandescent or fluorescent bulbs of the past is now common practice in numerous homes today. LED lights are also used in automobile lights and traffic signals. Additionally, many homeowners utilize them in the landscapes of their homes as well as with holiday decorations. There are numerous other ways in which LED lights can be employed.

Today, one of the newest innovations involving the use of LED lights is the LED shower head. In homes, as well as in resorts, hotels and vacation destinations all over the world, LED shower heads are the latest trend. Using an LED shower light in one’s shower can be quite enjoyable. Moreover, there are a number of actual benefits to showering when using this type of shower head.LED shower light

Some of these benefits include:

  • They are environmentally friendly. The lights in these shower heads are powered by moving water. They contain no batteries and no other source of power is needed.
  • Installation is simple. They are installed in the same manner as the normal shower head that many people already have in their homes.
  • They save energy. Instead of lighting up the entire bathroom with normal incandescent lights that use electricity, the LED shower lights brighten the entire shower area while using no electricity. Additionally, the higher the water pressure coming from the shower head, the brighter the light will be.
  • In addition to making the shower experience more entertaining for your children, the LED shower light creates a much safer experience.
  • The LED shower lights offer the benefits of color therapy. Various colors of light have been shown to affect one’s mood. Depending on the time of day, setting the colors to blue and white in the morning can increase alertness and wakefulness. Conversely, setting the colors to red hues when taking an evening shower will allow one to feel calm and even drowsy.
  • Certain shower heads contain temperature sensors. These allow the colors of the lights to vary depending on the temperature of the water. This is a safety measure that all family members can benefit from.
  • These lights usually come with a great warranty. Because the technology is so sophisticated, the producers and designers believe in their lights and want the same to be true for you. LED shower lights

When purchasing LED shower lights, especially from a wholesale supplier, it is important to do a little bit of research before making the purchase. A few questions to keep in mind include:

  • Do the shower heads perform as required by the Department of Energy? They now require shower heads to use no more than 2.5 gallons per minute to conserve water as well as the fuel needed to heat the water.
  • Do the shower heads have a WaterSense label? Those displaying this label use no more than two gallons per minute.
  • Have all of the specifications for the shower heads been followed?

If you are thinking about replacing your outdated shower head, purchasing an LED shower head should be one of your considerations. This type of shower head combines the style, safety and functionality that will add class to any type of shower.