Choosing the Right LED Tube for Your Application

LED tube lights have become popular because they’re energy efficient, and thus by installing them, a homeowner or commercial building manager will reduce monthly utility bills drastically. Moreover, their light output, color rendering, and lifespan is far better as compared to the ordinary bulbs. Manufacturers of every generation have been able to reduce the cost and improve the process of these LEDs. Consider understanding the following facts before you choose the right LED tubes for your application.


What Are LED Tube Lights?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) tube lights are efficient versions of the linear fluorescent lamps being used in most parts of the world. Legislation increasing the efficiency requirements and the phasing out of the older models has made the demand for LED tube lights skyrocket. Most homeowners feel it’s time to embrace LED fluorescent tube replacement of the older models of the T12 lamps and the T8 lamps. In other words, the LED fluorescent tube is designed in such a manner that it fits into the existing fixtures of fluorescent lamps. It’s the same length and has terminals on the ends just as the traditional fluorescent lamps. The lamp is made from a combination of aluminum, plastic or polycarbonate materials. The power that drives the lamp varies depending on the type of LED tube light.


Lighting for bedroom use

When choosing the right LED tubes for your bedroom LED fluorescent tube replacement, you should consider certain factors such as whether you’re a nighttime reader or not. Soft blue and neutral tones are better for various fixtures as compared to white which creates high contrast with the book pages. Make sure that the bedroom LED fluorescent tube keeps the atmosphere relaxed, calm, and peaceful.


Lighting for office use

Do a LED replacement for fluorescent tubes in order to make the office space maximize your ability to be productive. Most offices require a higher concentration of light that can only be sufficiently supplied by LED lights. Cool white LEDs that mimic the natural daylight are good for increasing the production of serotonin which will keep you focused and alert. Choose a good location when doing the LED replacement for fluorescent tubes to avoid unwanted glares on your computer screens.


Lighting for living room use

Make a LED replacement of fluorescent tubes in your living room by using a mix of lighting options that can adapt to various occasions with ease. A living room is a very popular place in your house where you can entertain guests or just kick back and relax. You can use adjustable spotlights to reduce glare on TV screens and illuminate artworks and photos on your walls.