The Many Uses of Small LED Lights

Small-LED-LightsMost people are familiar with the LED (light emitting diode) lighting that can be found in most lighting departments in stores today. They are well known for being a power-saving replacement for traditional light bulbs. However, this is not the only benefit offered by this type of lighting. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Long Life – These small LED bulbs can have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. An LED bulb used for eight hours a day will have a nearly 20-year life.
  • Ecologically Friendly – They do not contain toxic chemicals such mercury. Additionally, they run on low voltage allowing them to connect to a solar energy source outdoors.
  • Durability – These bulbs are manufactured to be able to withstand almost any type of conditions. They can operate in hot or cold conditions where other bulbs have difficulty doing so.
  • No UV emissions – These bulbs, unlike UV bulbs, are safe to use in cases where UV emissions are harmful, such as in museums and art galleries.
  • Flexibility – Small LED bulbs can be used together to form any shape. Color and light can be controlled to create a myriad of lighting effects.
  • Instant on and off – LED bulbs need no “warm-up” period. They can be turned on and off without any effect on their lighting output, while other lights need a few seconds to reach their maximum brightness.

Normal sunlight is a combination of many different wavelengths of light. It is possible to take advantage of these wavelengths when using LED lights. It is known that blue light waves help our brains to create serotonin, which helps us to focus and be alert. However, lights with no blue light waves help our brains produce melatonin, which helps us to relax and feel drowsy. With this knowledge, one can use various colors of LED lights in various situations, such as:

  • Bedrooms – LED light bulbs emitting blue light waves should be avoided. This allows one’s circadian rhythm to continue as normal.
  • Living rooms – There should be a mix of light sources rather than one source. Bulbs emitting blue light waves should be avoided, allowing this room to have a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Dining area – Neutral wave (neither too warm or too cool) LED bulbs should be used in this area.
  • Home office, kitchen and bathroom – Making use of LED bulbs emitting blue light waves, which are found in bright white bulbs, will allow for maximum productivity by imitating normal sunlight.

Some of the other uses for the small LED lights include solar powered outdoor lights, flashlights and bicycle lights. Colored LED lights are now used in traffic lights and strings of various colored holiday lighting.

Because of their size and long life, small LED lights are now used in automotive lamps, helping to increase safety on the roads. For those needing bright lights for a car or truck, such as emergency vehicles or construction vehicles, various sizes of light bars are available. A small LED light bar is available for those who are looking for a non-permanent installation, such as on the rooftop of a car. Some contain magnets to adhere to the car or truck. There are numerous other ways to use a small LED light bar.

When purchasing LED bulbs for any use, one should be cautious and only purchase them from a reputable vendor. These are vendors who can provide support, patent compliance, a warranty and certification. Another tip is to avoid unbranded LEDs in plain white boxes, which could be unsafe.

With the rapid development of LED lighting, these small bulbs are available to everyone, no matter how large or small their lighting needs may be.